Insurance Backed Guarantees

This is a ten-year insurance-backed guarantee provided by HIG Lite who are based in Scotland. AMR members are able to source bespoke-priced policies and provide these to all their full roof refurbishment customers.  The IBG provides insurance cover in the event that the AMR member goes out of business and cannot honour their own ten-year guarantee.

Deposit Protection Insurance

This is an insurance policy which covers up to 25% deposit (£7500 maximum). It is available to AMR members at a bespoke price, and can be offered on all domestic/homeowner full roof refurbishment works when the AMR member needs an up-front 25% deposit.

Legal Helpline

This is provided by HMCA, and has a telephone line dedicated to helping AMR members should they need guidance on employment and/or health and safety law.

Business Mentoring Session

This is a one-hour mentoring session where AMR members have access to a business mentor with 30 years’ business expertise in the construction and roofing sectors.

AMR Member Profile Section

This is a section for vetted AMR members only, where they can upload their case studies, photos and roofing projects.  These can then be easily found by members of the public who are searching on the AMR Homeowners’ Hub for an AMR member in their area.

Discounts On Training

AMR has collaborated with MRUK, NCTS and other independent roof training groups to offer various roof training and health and safety courses at reduced rates to AMR members only.

Technical Support

AMR has vast expertise throughout its team which covers almost every aspect of the roofing sector.  If you have a technical question, please send an email and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Business Health And Safety Templates

As a fully-vetted AMR member you have full access to a suite of over 200 health and safety documents and templates. Please note that these are templates only and you will have to make them specific to your exact site requirements.

Business Policy Documents

As a fully-vetted AMR member you will have access to a full suite of business policy documents, such as an environmental or an anti-slavery act policy, etc. Please note that these are templates only and you will have to make them specific to your exact business requirements.

Discounts On Business Insurance

The team at AMR have negotiated with our chosen insurance provider to get heavily-discounted insurance policies for roofing contractors. In most case we are able to remove the height restriction from the insurance policy; however, this is subject to a final underwriting criteria being met.

AMR Technical Roofing Forum

Only fully-vetted AMR members have access to our technical roofing forum, where you can ask technically-related roofing questions and obtain various advice and answers from other AMR members.