The single most important factor in upholding a high standard of skilled craftspeople in the Association of Master Roofers is the standards of entry to the association and maintaining a code of good practice for all members.
Some trade associations have low thresholds for accepting members and adopt a model which maximises on membership over credibility. As a not for profit association, our primary aim is to maintain a high working knowledge and skill set within our membership pool as the primary factor and we always put that first before considering financial reward.
When choosing a contractor from a trade association, it is vitally important to look at the application criteria of the association to gain an understanding of the calibre of workmanship you might find from it’s members.
Unlike most other trade associations our vetting process is carried out annually so we are routinely making an updated assessment of our existing members to ensure standards are maintained.


AMR recognises that contractors often have skills and expertise in a broad range of areas and general roofers can be highly competent in lots of ways. However, when vetting applicants, it is difficult to determine which areas they excel in, without vetting applicants on separate disciplines. For this reason, our vetting process is carried out on a specific specialist area.
Companies are invited to apply to be listed in multiple specialist member categories but each area of expertise is vetted separately with a specific specialist vetting officer carrying out on site project assessment for a given specialist skill. This ensures that members truly are skilled in each separate specialist area in which they are listed within the association.